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Outside Kirkby Stephen Rolling Hills, WW2 Pillbox, Lichets. Near Kirkby Stephen

Using the National Park brand

We believe that being part of a National Park is very special. The Yorkshire Dales National Park logo – the well-known Swaledale ram’s head – provides a strong identity for this beautiful area. The logo promotes the location, provides a sense of place, and is a strong brand which is recognised nationally.

The National Park Authority is keen that local businesses and communities have the opportunity to use the National Park logo to highlight their association with the area. We have developed five eye-catching versions specifically for this purpose, based on the established ram’s head design. You can see these ‘locator’ logos in the image above or view them here.

We hope that people proud to work or operate within the area will be inspired to use these locator logos and help us build on the strong, recognisable brand which celebrates this unique place, as well as helping them strengthen their own product.

Who can use the locator logos?

If you are a business, community, group, individual or charity based in or carrying out the substantial part of your work in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, or whose work is substantially National Park-related, or you are holding an event or activity in or about the National Park, you can apply for a licence to use the trademark.

What do the locator logos represent?

The five locator logos have been created to help you position your business, event or product within the Yorkshire Dales National Park – simply pick the one most appropriate to you.

They represent the place – there is a different logo for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

The logos are not a quality mark, and do not represent an endorsement, funding or any other support by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, and should never be presented as such.

You can use the logos in almost any way you like – as stickers in shop windows, on business flyers, event programmes, websites, email and posters are just some examples. The full list of classes can be viewed here.

What are the criteria for use?

  • The locator logos must not be used in any way which brings the Authority or National Park into disrepute, or which goes against National Park policies or purposes.
  • Promotional material or merchandise that bears only the National Park logo is not permitted. It must be accompanied at all times by the business/seller’s own logo – for example, on a letterhead or on packaging around cheese. It must always be made clear who the business/seller is, that these are not National Park Authority goods, nor Authority-endorsed. If interested in selling National Park-branded items, please contact our Retail Manager.
  • The logos must not be distorted, altered in shape, cropped or added to. Guidelines to help ensure correct application will be provided.
  • The logos are not for resale, and must not be passed on to anyone who is legally unlicensed to use them.
  • If the logos are misused, further action may be taken, including the removal of rights.

Why do I need to sign a licence agreement?

The Yorkshire Dales National Park logo is a valuable asset and, as such, has been protected by trademark.

We think it important to enforce appropriate use for the benefit of all who wish to associate with the National Park – misuse devalues it for everyone – so will be asking people to enter into a legal licensing agreement.

The agreement acknowledges that you will undertake to use the logos respectfully and appropriately and will be registered with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) which issued the trademark.

Only those who have applied for and received a license from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and IPO to use the trademark may do so.

How much will it cost?

The locator logos are free – there is no charge from the National Park Authority to use them. However, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) charges £50 to register each licensee with them. Once registered, the licence lasts in perpetuity, so this fee is a one-off cost.

If you are holding a time-limited, one-off special event, please contact us as a licence agreement may not be required.

How do I apply?

If after reading the information and documents attached you would like to apply to use one or more of the Yorkshire Dales National Park locator logos, the next step is to print, complete and sign the two forms – the application form and the licence agreement to register you with the IPO.

Return both original forms by post to Sarah Nicholson, Communications Officer, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Colvend, Hebden Road, Grassington, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 5LB. We may call you to chat through your application and explain the process further.

Payment can be made one of two ways:

  • By cheque – if you would like to use this method, please send a cheque for £50 made out to the ‘Intellectual Property Office’ along with your forms.
  • By BACS direct to the IPO. If you choose the electronic payment option, we will contact you with the details about how to do so once your application has been approved. Please send a note with your forms advising that BACS is your preferred payment method.

Assuming you meet the criteria, we will send off your licence agreement for registration with the IPO. Once we receive confirmation from the IPO we will send you a resource pack, including high resolution versions of the logos and the all-important guidelines on how to use them. Please allow time for this registration process to be completed when planning your marketing materials.

As this is a new project, we’d like to keep in touch to make sure it’s working for you and for us. We will be reviewing the process periodically, as well as making sure the National Park brand, and anything associated with it, is kept up to date.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, or need advice or help, please contact the Communications Officer Sarah Nicholson on 01756 751618 or by email.

Privacy statement

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is committed to ensuring the responsible collection and use of personal data in the course of its business, under the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR).  We will ensure that personal data is processed fairly and lawfully, and that the rights of data subjects are properly respected. Please refer to our Privacy Notice, which sets out our responsibilities as data controller.