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Muker barns Muker barns in the hay meadows

Our performance

We are committed to providing high quality services and continuously strive to improve the efficiency and quality of our work.

Planning our work, and carrying out those plans

In terms of the ‘planning’ and ‘doing’ parts of how we work, we have procedures, strategies and policies in place to ensure that we use our limited resources wisely. These include:A rigorous priority setting process – this ensures that resources are directed to the services and work that are of the highest importance;

Our Corporate Plan – which sets out what we want to achieve and can be found here together with details of what we achieved in the previous year.

Reviewing our performance

The information we use to review the effectiveness of our work largely comes from three sources: internal audit, external audit and feedback from the public.

Details of our finances and spending are provided, including the open data we are obliged to publish.

Internal audit

The Authority’s Audit and Review Committee has lead responsibility for monitoring progress on Corporate Plan objectives throughout the year as well as  other issues relating to our performance. Additionally, one ‘performance review’ and up to two formal ‘major project reviews’ are undertaken each year.

External audit

Our performance is assessed externally in a number of ways. These include the Investors in People and Customer Service Excellence awards, annual financial audits, and reviews through the National Park Authorities Peer Assessment programme.

Public feedback

Public feedback is received in a variety of ways and from a wide range of people, including those with a general interest in the National Park and/or its services, and experts in specific areas of our work:

  • Regular surveys of satisfaction with the services we provide to the public such as our planning serviceNational Park Visitor Centres and websites.
  • A survey of the National Park’s residents conducted every five years.
  • Consultations and questionnaires directed at particular audiences and on particular issues. For example, previously we have carried out consultations on planning policy for the National Park, conservation within the National Park and on the governance of the National Park Authority.

We also welcome comments and feedback from the public at any time – see the Compliments and complaints page for details of how to get in touch.