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Funding and accounts

Most of our funding comes from the Government via the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the form of an annual national park grant settlement. We also attract significant external funding and generate our own income from a variety of other sources such as other grants (including EU), interest earned on cash balances, planning application fee income, car park charges and retail services through our National Park Visitor Centres.

Our accounts are prepared in line with appropriate accounting standards and practices and have a reporting period from 1 April to 31 March in the following year. Following completion, accounts are subject to audit by external auditors who work in conjunction with the Authority’s own internal auditors to form an opinion on the accounts, systems and management arrangements of the Authority. This is included in the statement of accounts along with details of where our money comes from and how it is spent. We are required to have the audited statement of accounts approved by 31 July following the end of the financial year.

The Authority prepares a rolling three year financial plan which is reviewed annually by management and approved by the Authority prior to the start of the following financial year.

The budgets and statements of final account can be downloaded using the links provided.

Financial regulations

The National Park Authority’s Financial Regulations apply to all of the Authority’s activities. They form an integral part of the procedural and control framework within which Members and officers can ensure that the best standards of financial management and administration are applied in the discharge of the Authority’s statutory duties.


Statements of Account

Members Allowances and Expenses

A Scheme of Members’ Allowances sets out the range of allowances and expenses available to Members of the Authority and the independent members of the Standards Committee during the course of their work for the Authority.

Details of the allowances and expenses that have been paid to Members can be downloaded using the links provided.