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Applying for planning permission

Before submitting an application

We strongly recommend you obtain planning advice before submitting a planning application. See Planning advice service for further information.

Submitting an application

You can apply for planning permission online using the Planning Portal. This allows you to complete the application form, pay the fee and attach required documentation. Some forms are not available through the planning portal, see our Forms page.

Portal applications must be paid for through the Planning Portal. Otherwise, at the present time we prefer payments via bank transfer or bacs, our details are given below; when you have made the payment please can you email both and so we can ensure it has been received:

  • A/c Name:     Yorkshire Dales NP 97
  • Sort Code:    20-61-53
  • Account:       80895814

We can also accept a cheque made payable to Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) to the address at the bottom of this web page, although this may cause a delay.

All applications must include:

  • A completed application form;
  • The relevant fee;
  • As site location plan.

All applications also need to provide a certain amount of additional information before we can start the process. If you’re not familiar with the planning system it can be difficult to know exactly what information you need to provide. Around half of all planning applications we receive are incomplete when they are first sent in. We can help with making sure you have completed the forms correctly and have all the information required.

After an application is submitted

Once a valid application has been received we have to:

  • advertise it to people living nearby; and
  • consult certain bodies and organisations;

This is an important part of the process, and we cannot make a final decision until the statutory consultation period is complete.  Sometimes, these consultations will reveal important new information and can change how we look at an application.

From the point where a valid application has been submitted, it usually takes about 8 weeks for minor applications and 13 weeks for major applications to be determined.  We try to approve as many applications as we can, so we will work with you if your plan needs changes and agree a longer timescale.

The vast majority of applications are determined by officers, based on the planning policies set out in the relevant Local Plan.  Currently, those policies can be slightly different depending on which part of the National Park you are in.

A small number of applications have to be decided by the Planning Committee.  These are usually the larger or more controversial applications/developments, or where there is some question about whether the proposal fits with Local Plan policies.  Applications only go to the Committee where they meet one of three main criteria:

  1. The application is ‘called-in’ by a Member of the Committee as “a matter of public interest”; To be a matter of public interest it needs to affect a range of people or the community generally. It does not include the private interests of an individual.
  2. The Parish Council disagrees with the officer recommendation if the application is only for minor ‘householder development’ (i.e. alterations to an existing dwelling or ancillary buildings within the existing curtilage of the dwelling); or,
  3. The Head of Development management believes it is in the best interests of the Authority for the application to be determined by Members.

See Public Participation at Planning Committee for more information about how the meetings work.

Design guide

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Design Guide provides guidance on the quality of design that is expected from development proposals and also provides positive help to achieve it. The guide helps to explain what is considered ‘good design’ in the context of this National Park. In doing so it builds on the guidance given in the National Planning Policy Framework on design and helps designers and developers to interpret the design policies in the Local Plan.

Planning policy

For the strategy, guidance, land allocations and criteria we use to determine proposals for the development and change of use of land and buildings within the National Park, please take a look at our Planning policy section.

How we deal with your personal information.