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Kilnsey fell runners Copyright Stephen Garnett

Large-scale events

Large-scale and organised challenge events have become increasingly popular throughout the Yorkshire Dales National Park in recent years. Many people taking part to raise funds for charity or as a personal challenge.

National Parks are very special places which have received their designated status to look after the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. These protected landscapes contain inspirational vistas and varied terrains, which can be very challenging – that’s why holding an organised event in these places is so appealing.

Working with organisers of large-scale events to ensure they are well run, and provide benefits for local communities and businesses is one of the objectives agreed by the Authority and a wide range of local partner organisations in the National Park Management Plan 2019-24.

All of the UK National Parks recognise the positive benefits that organised recreational events can bring by enriching people’s experience of these spectacular landscapes and contributing to the local economy. However, we also want to ensure that any negative impacts, such as increased erosion and disruption to local communities is minimised.

How to plan an event

If you are planning on running large scale events, please read through the guidance below. Then get in touch so we can work with you to have a successful event which looks after the National Park at the same time.

Who to contact

Please contact Rebecca Greenfield, Head of Access and Engagement for further advice:

How to give something back 

We urge event organisers to consider how they can contribute back to the local area. The most popular part of the National Park for challenge events is the Three Peaks area. We have a special project to look after the path network here. You can support this by:

  • telling your participants about our Three Peaks app which will give them loads of useful information,
  • telling your participants about our online shop where they could buy a souvenir of their achievement, or
  • by making a donation to the Three Peaks Project.

We ask all organisers of events in the Three Peaks area to consider donating just £1 per participant which enables us to keep the paths in this area up to scratch.

Useful leaflets