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On these pages you can view applications, apply for planning permission, seek advice, find details of Planning Committee meetings and learn more about our plans and policies.

Find out how we will deal with your planning application by reading our Development Management Charter.

You can also find out more about the planning application process from our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

We also have information on appeals against planning decisions and planning enforcement

What’s New

Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain is now required for all planning applications for major and minor developments (subject to some exemptions).

Validation requirement details: Local information requirements : Yorkshire Dales National Park

Government Guidance: Biodiversity net gain – GOV.UK (

Further information: Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) : Yorkshire Dales National Park

National Planning Fee Increase From 6 December 2023

Following debates in Parliament, the Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2023 have been approved and made on 8th November 2023.
The regulations can be viewed here
The regulations do the following:

  • Increase planning application fees by 35% for applications for major development and 25% for all other applications.
  • Introduce an annual indexation of planning applications fees, capped at 10%, from 1 April 2025.
  • Remove the fee exemption for repeat applications (the ‘free-go’). An applicant will still be able to benefit from a free-go if their application was withdrawn or refused in the preceding 12 months, subject to all other conditions for the free-go being met.
  • Reduce the Planning Guarantee for non-major planning applications from 26 to 16 weeks.
  • Introduce a new prior approval fee of £120 for applications for prior approval for development by the Crown on closed defence sites.

The new fees will come into force from the start of 6th December 2023.

An applicant will still be able to benefit from a free-go if their application has been refused or withdrawn in the preceding 12 months, subject to all other conditions for the free-go being met.

New permitted development for 60 day campsites

From 26 July 2023 a change to national permitted development rights will allow for the use of land as a campsite for up to 60 calendar days per year. This replaces the current allowance of 28 days. However the new rights include a number of caveats.

The site cannot  accommodate more than 50 pitches and includes ‘any moveable structures reasonably necessary for the purposes of the permitted use’. Toilets and waste disposal facilities must be provided.

If your land is on a SSSI, on the site of a listed building or scheduled monument then this permitted development right does not apply. It also doesn’t apply to caravans.

To benefit from this permitted development right you must notify us prior to commencement, every calendar year and include:

  • A site plan
  • Details of the siting of toilet and waste disposal facilities
  • The dates on which the site will be in use

If your site is within flood zone 2 or 3 you will also need to apply to us for prior approval and include a flood risk assessment.

NB: If your site falls with the river Eden SAC/SSSI catchment, please contact us as you may require planning permission.

To discuss with us, please see our  Planning Advice Service webpage.

Find out more about the new legislation.