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Yorkshire Dales field barns in Muker Credit: Stephen Garnett

Who we work with

Working in partnership is crucial for us to achieve our objectives.

National Park Management Plan Partnership

One of the most important examples of partnership working is the National Park Management Plan Partnership. This is made up of the key delivery bodies that have the greatest role in implementing and monitoring the Management Plan. Its main functions are to oversee the preparation of the National Park Management Plan and monitor progress against its objectives.

The importance of other partners

The National Park covers a large area (841 square miles). We, the National Park Authority, owns less than 0.06% of it. We therefore could not look after this amazing place without working closely with a range of other partner organisations as well as the people who own and manage the land and buildings. These include local landowners, farmers, communities and businesses.

Companies and contracts

We also work with various companies, who provide a range of goods and services to enable us to achieve our objectives. Contracts are awarded following tender processes. When opportunities to tender for contracts arise, they are advertised on the Contracts and tenders page.