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Mountain Bikers near Malham Copyright Paul Harris

Wi-Fi and mobile phone reception

In the Yorkshire Dales National Park at times you may not be able to get a signal on your mobile telephone or a mobile internet connection. This may occur in towns and villages as well as off the beaten track.

You will be able to check your reception through your service provider’s website. The sites will ask for a postcode or town – if you are unsure you could use one of the National Park Visitor Centre’s postcodes.

BT operate a number of public payphones throughout the National Park, although you may find some distance between them.

Any GPS or other electronic device that contacts a satellite to receive information should work as expected.

Free WiFi

There are free-to-use WiFi hotspots available for customers at pubs and cafés throughout the Dales. For the price of a pint of beer or a cup of tea and a cake you can surf all you like. Please try not to abuse the offer by downloading large files and hogging bandwidth.

More and more accommodation providers are also now offering free WiFi for their residents.

There are plenty of cafes and pubs in Hawes, Grassington and Reeth with free WiFi. The bigger market towns around the National Park such as Richmond, Skipton and Settle also have free WiFi. In Malham try the Lister Arms, at Ribblehead there is The Station Inn and in Ingleton visit Inglesport.