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EV charging point at Grassington National Park Visitor Centre

EV charging points

Charger locations

We have Podpoint 7kw vehicle chargers at all ten of our public car parks in the Yorkshire Dales. This includes:

We have recently added two new charging points at Hawes (Dales Countryside Museum) National Park Visitor Centre and at our Malham National Park Visitor Centre. These were installed in partnership with BMW.

You can also find charging points at Tebay Services, Fountains Abbey and Kirby Lonsdale.

You can also find other charging points on the Zap Map.


Each unit is a dual charger, which provides about 30 miles per hour of charge at a cost of 62p per kwh. The chargers are app-enabled and you can find out how to access it here.

Please note that if using the charge points you must purchase an appropriate parking ticket to cover the time whilst charging.

We know that the charging points cost people a bit more than the typical home charging point.  The idea, though, is for drivers to top up at these points, rather than rely on them to fully charge. We hope the charging points will give electric vehicle users confidence to visit the National Park and be sure that they can ‘fill up’ if necessary.  We regularly review the usage of the existing chargers and may install more at specific sites as demand increases.

More information

There are other electric vehicle charging points in the Yorkshire Dales National Park that are listed on the app Zap Map

You can also find out more about the strategy for electric vehicle points and how you can suggest new ones in North Yorkshire on the North Yorkshire Council website.