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What we aim to do

Our Vision

To use our expertise and passion for conserving, enhancing and sharing this special place, so that:

  • Local people, businesses and organisations will keep the Yorkshire Dales National Park a thriving area;
  • Its unique cultural landscape will be treasured for its stunning scenery, exceptional heritage and wonderful wildlife; and,
  • Every year millions of people will be inspired to be a part of it.

To achieve that vision means helping to deliver the 6 ‘ambitions’ by 2040 as set out in the National Park Management Plan. This includes an updated organisational ‘ambition’ to be:

  • A highly effective organisation that delivers quality services and is widely recognised for its expertise in National Park policy, practice and partnership-working.

Core values

Our core values underpin the way in which we will achieve our mission and deliver key services and targets:

Improvement: we will continually strive to improve our performance in delivering National Park purposes.

Accountability: we will explain and take responsibility for our decisions and

Commitment: we will do what we say we will do.

Integrity: All our relationships will be built on honesty, transparency, equality and impartiality.

Open and Approachable: We will be open to new ways of doing things, and will work positively with others to achieve our objectives in ways that help them meet theirs.

Valuing and Empowering Our People: We will value the people who work for us and will work to ensure that they are equipped, supported and empowered to provide professional services to the public.

We believe that strong corporate governance arrangements are necessary to ensure that these values are put into practice.

Is that it? Isn’t it more complicated than that?

It may seem all very easy to quote our vision and core values, but of course it’s more complicated – these are just the beginning of what we aim to achieve.

More detail can be found in our corporate documents including our standards of servicecorporate governance and other policies that guide the way we work, standing orders for the regulation of our business and codes of conduct for National Park Authority staff and Members.

You can also find out how to access information that the National Park Authority holds here.