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General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) criteria

You will need to apply for FULL planning permission if you do not have an existing farm business; the farm unit is less than 5 hectares; the development is on a parcel of land less than one hectare, and also if your GPDO application is for:

  1. Buildings with a ground area of or exceeding 1500 square metres or which, when taken with the ground area of another building erected within 90 metres in the preceding 2 years, exceed 1500 square metres.
  2. Development within 25 metres of the metalled (surfaced) portion of a trunk or classified road.
  3. Buildings with a height in excess of 12 metres.
  4. Any buildings or structures to be erected or extended to house livestock or slurry which would be within 400 metres of the curtilage of any building that is normally occupied by people, excluding farm houses.

If you do meet the criteria for a GPDO application you can apply online using the Planning Portal. This allows you to complete the application form, pay the required fee and attach required documentation. You can also send an application to,

The following are required: