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Dog walking in the Dales Copyright Stephen Garnett

Dogs and the Dales

Every year millions of dogs – local and visitors – enjoy the National Park with owner in tow and who can blame them for taking the lead. There’s such great exploring to be done and many dog-friendly establishments.

Tips on walking with your dog

  • Many ground nesting birds are easily disturbed by inquisitive dogs and fly away leaving the nest vulnerable. From March to July use a short lead.
  • Stiles provide a barrier to animals. Dogs might have to learn how to use them or be lifted over – they can fall and hurt themselves.
  • Poo – bag it and bin it! Toxocariasis can be passed via waste to other dogs and people, and even into the soil.
  • Not everyone likes dogs. Please be considerate and keep your dog on a lead when passing others.
  • Dogs must be kept under control at heel or better still on a lead around livestock – after all, your dog could be shot for disturbing or chasing farm animals.
  • If you are chased by livestock when walking your dog, it is safer to drop a dog’s lead and get out of the field.
  • The spectacular limestone scenery includes hazards a dog could fall into such as caves, limestone pavement and sink holes. Please stick to the paths.

More details

Watch out for instructional signage on gates and posts, call into a National Park Visitor Centre for more advice (dogs welcome).

Coming on holiday

You may be happy to organise a holiday for you and your dog yourself, but if you would prefer someone else to have found suitable accommodation and walks then you can have a look at the breaks offered by Dog Walking Holidays as a possibility.