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Woodland Planting Smithy Wood, Garsdale

Woodland Planting

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and its local partners have been positively supporting landowners and communities to manage and increase the amount of native woodland for the last 25 years.  During that time, over 2,000 hectares has been planted in the National Park.  

Funding for new woodland planting has been provided by a partnership of funders that includes the Forestry Commission, the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, the National Trust, the Woodland Trust and others.

This local partnership – the Dales Woodland Forum – has now set a new ambition:

  • By 2030, create a further 6,000 hectares of woodland habitat that enhances the National Park’s landscape, with priority given to projects that strengthen habitat networks, increase carbon storage and help to reduce flooding.

Increasing – and joining up – woodland will be a critical part of achieving the wider ambition to help tackle climate change that is set out in the  National Park Management Plan.

A mapping exercise is currently underway to identify the best potential sites for new woodland in the National Park.  When completed it will be added to the Re:Cover interactive habitat map on this website.

Further information

For information on progress in creating new woodlands in the National Park go to the National Park Management Plan section on the website.

For more information on how to get advice and support for planting trees and woodlands in the National Park, go to the ‘Trees and woodlands‘ section on the website.