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Trees in Wharfedale Trees in Wharfedale

Dales Woodland Forum

The Dales Woodland Forum is a group of people that represent stakeholders from the woodland and forestry industries and wider community, to meet and to take forward the aspirations of the Dales Woodland Strategy. The Dales Woodland Strategy forms the framework for action to focus on the local, regional and national importance of the Dales’ woodlands. The Dales Woodland Forum has been instrumental in revising the Strategy and continues to help and to guide the National Park Authority with the delivery of the objectives of the strategy. The Dales Woodland Strategy is closely aligned to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan and builds on the importance that the Management Plan puts on trees and woodlands.

The Forum includes, but not exclusively, representatives from the following:

  • Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • Forestry Commission
  • Natural England
  • Yorwoods
  • Forestry Agents
  • Yorkshire Farming and Wildlife
  • Landowners
  • National Trust
  • Land Agents
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Estates
  • Woodland Trust
  • National Farmers Union
  • Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust
  • Country Land and Business Association
  • Timber Processors

Proposed terms of reference:

  • To guide and support the National Park Authority and its partners on the use of resources
  • To guide and support the National Park Authority on applications for external funding in order to achieve the objectives of the Dales Woodland Strategy.
  • To provide a forum in which to gather and share information and maintain engagement between key stakeholders.
  • To contribute to emerging strategies and policies on a regional and national level.
  • To assist partners in the design and delivery of incentives and support mechanisms.
  • To create working groups as necessary to assist the main Forum.

Modus operandi:

  • To hold at least 2 meetings a year
  • To operate as an email network for exchange of information
  • To be chaired by a Forum representative
  • Secretariat to be provided by YDNPA