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Bainbridge, Wensleydale View of Bainbridge from the village green

Compliments and complaints

We are committed to providing a high standard of service to the public in everything we do. We really value your opinions and feedback on how we measure up to these high standards. Your comments, both positive and negative, are very important to us.

  • Positive comments and experiences help us recognise, record and learn from good practice so that we can improve our performance in the future.
  • Negative comments, arising from mistakes we have made, give us the chance to put things right and, importantly, help us improve.

When we do well

We are always pleased to hear when we have done something particularly well, and the comments forms at all National Park Visitor Centres are an easy way to record and submit your views. Alternatively, you can email or phone her on 01969 652326. Your comments will be passed on to the appropriate officer and their line manager where appropriate, and we report compliments to our senior management team on a six-monthly basis.

When things go wrong

The National Park Authority has an effective procedure for receiving and dealing with your complaints. Please see our Complaints Policy, including details of how to make a complaint, here.

Alternatively, please email the complaints officer or phone 01969 652326 for further advice or to obtain a copy of the Authority’s complaints policy by post or email. If you would like any help or support when submitting a complaint, Lesley will be very happy to assist.

Complaints about the behaviour of Members are dealt with under a separate process. Please see the guidance here.

Your complaint will be treated in confidence and any personal details we hold in the course of processing a complaint will only be made available to those involved in investigating that complaint.  We do not publish details of complaints.  Please see our Privacy Notice for details of how personal information is handled.

Communicating effectively

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk, or you may find it hard to get your message across to us. But we will always try to find a way to help and offer support as appropriate. Occasionally, this might mean we direct you to another source of help and assistance.

We also appreciate that sometimes you may be angry or emotional; this is perfectly understandable and we will always give you the time, and assistance where necessary, to communicate your points to us.

However, in rare instances where abusive or threatening behaviour towards officers is shown, either physical or verbal, or where communication with officers is malicious or vexatious or prevents us working effectively for other customers, we may have to consider restricting contact with an individual for a time. Please read our guidance on restricting contact.