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Meadows close to Askrigg in Wensleydale By Wendy McDonnell Photography

Weather in the Yorkshire Dales

The weather in the Yorkshire Dales can be very changeable. Some people say that you can get all four seasons in one day! You can have glorious sunshine and mild weather in February and sleet in August. As a rule, though the months of June to September are generally warmer. Whilst it’s warmer in the summer it can be much more manageable in terms of heat than visiting parts of Europe – that rain also makes it very green. All weather and seasons have their differing beauty in the Dales though so it’s always worth a visit at any time of the year!

You can check out the climate averages for parts of the Yorkshire Dales on the Met Office website.

Due to changeable conditions, it’s always good to think ahead in terms of clothing and what to take with you. Find out more about clothing to bring with you to the Yorkshire Dales and how to be prepared.

Walking in the hills can be very different to walking in the towns and valleys. You can start off in sunshine but need a coat and have little visibility when at the top of one of our hills, particularly the Yorkshire Three Peaks and other higher mountains. The Mountain Weather Information Service is particularly useful for hill and mountain walking.

You can get other general weather forecasts from the Met Office and BBC Weather.