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Aysgarth Falls

Contracts and tenders

Like any public body the Authority is subject to strict financial controls which ensure that members and officers can provide the best standards of financial management and administration in the discharge of the Authority’s statutory duties.

The Authority has an ongoing procurement requirement for a range of goods and services. These can include major rights of way maintenance, ecological surveys, tree planting and promotional materials e.g. leaflets and interpretation panels, in addition to long term contracts such as cash collection, vehicle fleet provision, grounds maintenance and cleaning services.

From time to time opportunities to tender for contracts may be advertised on this website. All contracts for goods and services will be subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  All personal data provided during the tender process or as part of the contract will be processed according to the principles of data protection legislation – please see our Privacy Notice for further details, or contact our Data Protection Officer at if you have any queries or would like more information.

Current tenders

Contract for the supply and installation of a 35 metre bridleway bridge.

This contract is for the supply and installation of a 35 metre bridleway bridge, including the removal of the old footbridge crossing, crossing the River Rawthey at Cross Keys near Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10 5NE, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Submissions must be received by 12 noon on 19th January 2024.

Please access the tender documentation for full details of the specification and requirements. Supporting documents available to download include:

Invitation to Tender – Cross Keys Bridge – 15.11.23

BB1543-00-RP-0000-001 C01 Design Certificate

BB1543-00-RP-0000-002 C01 Check Certificate

BB1543-01-200-XX-0010 C01 General Arrangement Bridge Decking Layout and Details

BB1543-01-1700-SH-6001 C01 North & South Bankseat BBS

BB1543-01-1700-XX-0011 C01 General Arrangement North and South Bankseat Details

BB1543-01-1700-XX-6001 C01 Reinforcement North and South Bankseats

BB1543-01-1800-XX-0003 C01 Steelwork 3D View

BB1543-01-1800-XX-0004 C01 Steelwork North Layout

BB1543-01-1800-XX-0005 C01 Steelwork South Layout

BB1543-01-1800-XX-0006 C01 Steelwork Key Details Sheet 1

BB1543-01-1800-XX-0007 C01 Steelwork Key Details Sheet 2

BB1543-01-1800-XX-0008 C01 Steelwork Key Details Sheet 3

BB1543-01-2100-XX-0009 C01 General Arrangement Bearing Details

BB1543-01-GA-XX-0001 C01 General Arrangement GA Sheet 1

BB1543-01-GA-XX-0002 C01 General Arrangement GA Sheet 2

BB1543-DRA-001 C01 DRA

BB1543-SP-001 C01 Design Specification

JCT Intermediate Building Contract (2016 edition) as amended