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Residential Shipley college Malham Cove and Goredale Scar.

Secondary schools and colleges

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority offer the following support for secondary schools and colleges.

Curriculum-based education sessions in the Yorkshire Dales.

These sessions can be full or half-days, held at a number of different locations within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Key Stage 3:

  • A River investigation: fieldwork to identify changes along the course of a river. Identify river features and processes.
  • Farming for sustainability: visit a farm in the Dales to find out how it functions and how farmers are changing what they do to farm more sustainably, enhancing biodiversity.
  • Protecting peat: understanding the importance of upland peatlands as carbon stores and their role in combatting climate change through a range of practical activities, including quadrat sampling.
  • Managing tourism in the Yorkshire Dales: carrying out a range of human geography fieldwork, such as questionnaires, traffic surveys and land use mapping.
  • Well-being sessions: connecting with nature, practical conservation, map reading, navigation and bushcraft skills in our Young Rangers programmes in schools and Dales Action Days.
  • Green Careers Day: experience some of the outdoor practical tasks that employees in the Green Economy might be involved in.

Most of our supported group sessions and supported residentials are free, we loan waterproofs and we have a small transport fund to help with the costs of visits.

The Dales Countryside Museum

The Dales Countryside Museum offers history-based sessions at the visitor centre in Hawes.

Assemblies, classroom-based or online sessions: (15 mins-2 hours)

  • All about the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
  • Managing visitors to the Yorkshire Dales: What is the impact of visitors? Malham as a honeypot village and the causes and solutions to footpath erosion.
  • Green Careers.

Resources and training

There are a range of education and learning resources to support teachers with classroom delivery on National Parks and planning educational visits to the Yorkshire Dales and teacher training opportunities.

The Ambassador Schools Programme

By working with teachers across a small number of schools, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority aims to upskill teachers, support curriculum planning and help develop centres of good practice. These Ambassador Schools can then share their knowledge and skills with other schools and support them in improving the quality and breadth of their provision.

More details about booking events and contacting us here.

You can download our Outdoor learning leaflet here in a PDF format