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Grass wood by Stephen Garnett (91)

Learning and education resources

A map of the Yorkshire Dales National Park (can be printed any size A4-A1)(pdf to be added). Fact sheets on the Yorkshire Dales for teachers and students (pdf to be added).

1: National Treasure
2: Yorkshire Dales
3: Geology
4: Wildlife
5: Heritage
6: Farming
7: Tourism
8: Malham
9: Access
10: Quarrying
11: Climate change

Cultural heritage resources

Visiting Malham

Visiting Aysgarth Falls and Freeholders Wood

Visiting Grassington and Hebden

Teaching resources

The National Parks UK website offers a range of resources on National Parks, including a map, facts and figures and a KS2 National Park Curriculum.

Green Careers

A video on young people’s careers in the YDNPA

Careers with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority: Teaching Pack

Further resources can be purchased through our online shop

Other useful website links:

BBC Bitesize
Countryside Classroom
Dales Rocks 
Forestry England
Learning outside the classroom 

Out of Oblivion (details to come)
Outdoor providers in the Yorkshire Dales
The Field Studies Council 
The Wildlife Trust 
The Woodland Trust
The Yorkshire Peat Partnership
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Woodland Classroom 

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