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Young Rangers by Stephen Garnett

Young ranger programmes in schools

At the Yorkshire Dales National Park, we know that taking part in Young Rangers (YOUNG RANGERS) improves young people’s well-being; our young people tell us that spending time outdoors in beautiful landscapes with other young people helps them make new friends and taking part in activities that give back to nature helps them feel happier and more connected to the world.

We have been delivering our Young Ranger programmes in secondary schools to give more young people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of these activities. Our Young Rangers in School programmes are designed to meet the needs of the young people invited to take part. Schools say that taking part in Young Rangers reduces anxiety and helps students better engage with the school environment.

A typical programme will be a series of full days of activities taking place over a week or weekly over a half-term for up to 14 young people and accompanying school staff. Sessions are full days out of school taking part in activities including bushcraft, navigation skills, practical conservation, natural arts, and farm visits. We arrange transport and all activities but will need some school staff to support the sessions.