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USDD 22 23 Buckden River Surveys (8)

Ambassador schools

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Ambassador Schools Programme aims to support schools to achieve quality outdoor education and environmental learning.

By working with teachers across a small number of schools, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority aims to upskill teachers, support curriculum planning and help develop centres of good practice.

These Ambassador Schools can then share their knowledge and skills with other schools and support them in improving the quality and breadth of their provision.

The project also comes at a time when schools are looking at ‘greening the curriculum’, as part of the Department of Education Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy.

The Ambassador Schools Programme will support schools in delivering this strategy. Children and young people from Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Ambassador Schools will be empowered to take action on the environment, to reduce the impact of climate change and prevent biodiversity loss.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador School contact the Learning and Education Team.