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Touchstone at Janet’s Foss by Kiri Wood

Supported visits

We offer a programme of supported visits, programmes, and residential opportunities in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, these are primarily for people from communities, who we work with, who may be under-served and underrepresented in the Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

All our visits aim to introduce people to something special about the Yorkshire Dales National Park, that might be a walk to a new place, a day of practical volunteering such as a Dales Action Day, learn something new or a relaxing day exploring nature.

We walk at the pace of the group and plan activities to meet the needs, expectations, and abilities of the people we are leading. We can run accessible visits for people with disabilities and additional needs.

To see what a visit is like, take a look at our blog. Or to find out more about our current programmes please see our Education and learning news and our projects pages.

If you run or are part of a group from an under-served community and want to book a visit, please visit our pre-visit and booking page. Once we have your enquiry we will get in touch and work with you to plan a visit that meets the needs, expectations, and abilities of the people in your group.

All our visits are run in a friendly, inclusive way making sure participants enjoy their time in the Dales and take the first steps towards a lifelong relationship with the Yorkshire Dales National Park.