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MARS-training-2005-Ribblesdale Discussing the condition of a mine shaft in Ribblesdale

Archaeological advice

Each year we provide a wide range of advice to a large variety of enquirers including local residents, students, farmers and other businesses. We do this by using our comprehensive database and mapping system called the Historic Environment Record (HER) which contains information about more than 60,000 archaeological sites, some still extant and some from excavations, research and historic documents.

These are some of the ways we provide archaeological advice:

  • by talking to farmers and landowners wishing to manage archaeology and the historic environment on their land, for instance under an agri-environment scheme.
  • by screening and advising on archaeology in the planning process.
  • by providing technical advice and assistance on the management of archaeological features, for example, the preparation of consolidation specifications for such features as lime kilns.
  • by discussing the need for and process of obtaining scheduled monument consent and helping to apply.
    (For more advice and downloadable forms on scheduled monument consent click here.
  • by informing individuals and societies of sources of grant aid for archaeological projects.

Please contact us at if you require any of the above or have any other queries.