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The Old Grammar School, Burnsall Grade II Listed building

Listed buildings

A listed building is a building (or structure) of special architectural or historic interest. Buildings of earlier date than the 19th Century are often listed, but more architecturally distinctive buildings dating up to the mid 20th Century can be listed. As well as buildings, structures such as lime kilns, bridges milestones or even telephone boxes, that are of heritage significance are included on a list compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Listed buildings are protected in law from unauthorised harmful alteration and fall into one of three three ‘grades’:

  • Grade I  Buildings of exceptional interest. Nationally only 2.5% of listed buildings are in this category;
  • Grade II*  Buildings of more than special interest;
  • Grade II  92% of all listed buildings are in this category.   

There are over 1,800 listed buildings in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. A brief description of each is available here.

Legal protection applies to the whole exterior and interior of a listed building including later alterations and extensions and often also affects structures within its curtilage (such as outbuildings, walls or monuments). 

How we can help

If you are considering work to a listed building we can provide advice and support.

We also monitor the condition of listed buildings in the National Park and work with owners to maintain their architectural and historic qualities. Unfortunately some buildings fall into disuse and neglect at which point the Authority may assist with advice, finance or, as a last resort, legal intervention.

We will continue to help local people to restore, repair and – where possible bring back into use nationally-important historical sites, buildings and structures as part of the objectives agreed by the Authority and a wide range of local partner organisations in the National Park Management Plan 2019-24.