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Crosby Ravensworth Parish Tree Planting Project. Volunteers from Maulds Meaburn who were involved with the tree planting project. Copyright: Freddie Wilson.

Wildlife conservation projects

The Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) has supported a wide range of projects that contribute to conserving and enhancing the rare and special wildlife of the National Park. A case study and some other recent examples feature below.

Crosby Ravensworth Parish Tree Planting Project

The landscape of Crosby Ravensworth will be enhanced over the next 50-100 years by a grant of £9,483 to enable a programme of tree and hedge planting to take place in 2019/20.  The tree/hedge planting is intended to replace trees that have been lost in the Parish including a number of farms. Volunteers from the community managed the project, carried out surveys, and helped to plant 1,770 trees and 1,150 hedges in identified areas of Crosby Ravensworth Parish. They also installed protection to maintain the trees and hedges in the future.  The group will continue to survey and have plans to deliver another planting campaign in the near future.

Other completed projects

  • Installation of 15 leaky dams, providing natural flood management and improvements to biodiversity in Thornton in Lonsdale (£1,201)
  • Hand tools to deliver a 5 year programme of conservation activity days by volunteers at 12 Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves in the National Park (£1,913)
  • Installation of a wildlife pond at Langcliffe Community Gardens (£1,290)
  • Bee together – events training and habitat creation for bees, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust – £5,000