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Taste the Dales. Vista Veg staff installing protective rabbit netting around growing areas. Credit: Vista Veg Ltd.

Business and local produce projects

The Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) has supported a wide range of projects that should  contribute to the future growth of the local economy. Expanding our local produce and developing small business ideas that help to contribute to retaining the special qualities of the National Park have benefitted.

Taste the Dales

Vista Veg Ltd is a small vegetable growing co-operative that is based in Crosby Ravensworth.  The organisation began 10 years ago.  They grow and supply fruit and vegetables all year round to the local community. They offer a weekly/fortnightly food box scheme to over 170 customers within a 12 mile radius of their site. The business is open to the general public and they work with schools and community groups on food growing initiatives. 

A grant of £9,770 towards two protected growing spaces, fruiting hedgerows and a rainwater harvesting system has enabled the ‘Taste the Dales’ project to increase the amount of protected growing space that will be used for cultivation of fruit and vegetables for local consumption, and has helped them to reduce mains water usage.

Other completed projects

And in the pipeline…