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Have your say: What needs doing in the National Park?

Tuesday 10 April, 2018, by Richard Payne

Perhaps more than ever before, there are many challenges facing our National Park as we look ahead over the next five years:

  • Support for our farmers after Brexit
  • Inspiring young people to discover, explore and enhance their environment
  • The illegal persecution of birds of prey
  • Rail haulage of crushed rock from the quarries
  • The provision of fast broadband to our communities
  • New housing and the retention of access to crucial services like primary schools and GPs

Plans for all of these and many, many more are included in the new draft National Park Management Plan 2019-2024. Now is your opportunity to have your say on what’s included and what’s not.

How should farmers and landowners be supported?

How should farmers and landowners be supported?

  • Which objectives do you strongly support?
  • Are there any objectives that you strongly disagree with?
  • Are there any objectives that your organisation could help to deliver?

To answer these questions and feedback any other comments, see the draft Plan and complete the online survey at, or email your comments to
Alternatively, write to:
Carl Lis, Chairman, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
North Yorkshire
But hurry, as the consultation ends on 30 April 2018.
There is a statutory duty to review the National Park Management Plan “at intervals of not more than five years” (s66 of the Environment Act 1995).
It is the single most important document for each National Park. It should set out the vision, strategic policies and outcomes for the National Park over the long term.  It should also ensure that National Park purposes are being delivered.

Picture of Richard Payne

Richard Payne

Richard is the Communications Manager with the YDNPA


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