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Visiting Stump Cross Caverns Copyright Paul Harris

Caves and potholes

Our limestone landscape is the perfect place to find caves and potholes. The National Park is honeycombed with miles of caverns and underground passages. Glacial melt water penetrated and formed streams when geological faults shattered the limestone. The water then carved out the passages and caves to form a huge underground world.

Ingleton Cave and Gaping Gill – the 340ft deep cavern on the slopes of Ingleborough – were some of the first major finds. As techniques and equipment improved, the explorers pushed further and discovered more.

The National Park is now a honeypot for cavers and potholers from all over the UK. There are still more areas that have, so far, remained undiscovered.

The three show caves of Ingleborough Cave, Stump Cross Caverns and White Scar Cave are perfect for family and group visits.