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Stump Cross Caverns

Stump Cross Caverns Located on the border of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Stump Cross Caverns show cave is home to some amazing natural formations and offers a range of facilities for a great family day out.

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Address: Stump Cross Caverns, Greenhow Hill, Pateley Bridge Harrogate, North Yorkshire
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9am until 6pm Monday to Friday; 9am until 7pm on Saturday; 9am until 6pm on Sunday

01756 752780

Stump Cross Caverns

The formation of Stump Cross Caverns began millions of years ago, when the area which is now the Yorkshire Dales was covered by oceans. Sediment from the ocean floor would eventually form limestone, the basic material from which the caves are made. The caves themselves began to form as the limestone was eroded by weak acid rain, created when carbon dioxide from the atmosphere mixed with the precipitation to form carbonic acid. 

Many years ago, underground streams found their way into the cracks and began to expand the cave system as more rock was worn away. Once the streams had gone from the upper levels of the valley the cave system was left behind, and the mineral structures that are present today slowly began to form as water dripped through the caverns.

Cave Access Information

Today you can explore the limestone cave systems at your own leisure, via 65 steps, with hand rails on both sides. Helmets are provided for your safety and must be worn at all times.

Trained dogs on a lead are allowed in the shop and cafe, but not in the cave system.

Pushchairs and baby back carriers are not permitted due to restricted access, however front carriers are permitted.

Photography is allowed for personal use only.