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Mountain biking in Lower Winskill Copyright Paul Harris

Ride right

Where ever you ride please follow the code of conduct of the International Mountain Biking Association UK (IMBA-UK). This is recognised around the world as the standard to stick to.

1. Ride on open trails only

Stick to bridleways, byways and other recognised routes. Avoid possible trespass on private land.

2. Leave no trace

Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage. When the trail bed is soft, consider other riding options.

3. Control your bicycle!

Inattention for even second can cause disaster. Excessive speed can maim and threaten people; there is no excuse for it.

4. Always give way to other users

Make known your approach well in advance. A friendly greeting (or a bell) is considerate and works well.

5. Never scare animals

When approaching horse riders from behind you must warn them you are coming by calling out a greeting. A silent approach can easily spook a horse. Remember – ‘call out hello and pass wide and slow’.

6. Plan Ahead

Know your equipment, your ability and the area in which you are riding and prepare accordingly. A well-executed trip is a satisfaction to you and not a burden or offence to others.