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Juvenile peregrine Malham Cove Juvenile peregrine Malham © - Dave Dimmock

Photographing Peregrines

Don’t get too close!

Want a good photo? Then pack a good lense. If you wish to take any photographs of the birds at Malham Cove, do not approach any species too closely or disturb them, especially while they are nesting.

Peregrine falcons are fully protected by law. It is an offence to intentionally or recklessly disturb the adults or dependent young at, or near the nest.

If you find young birds at the top of Malham Cove 

Birds are wild creatures, and therefore may roam from the nesting site. North Yorkshire Police, the RSPB and the YDNPA are reminding photographers and birdwatchers that the young should be watched from a sensible distance. On no account should they be approached too closely.

How you can help protect peregrines

Peregrines are fully protected by law. It is a criminal offence to disturb them at or near the nest.

The British Mountaineering Council is once again actively promoting temporary climbing restrictions so climbers do not get too close to the nest site. An area at the top of the cliff has been roped off to stop people walking down onto the large ledge. This is to prevent any potential disturbance to the nesting birds and hopefully, later in the season, their young.

North Yorkshire Police ask visitors to help play their part in this year’s nesting attempt by following on-site notices and not getting too close to the nest site.

Landowner permission is required before flying drones from any land.  To prevent disturbance to the nesting peregrines, please do not fly any drones at the Cove