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What does your National Park sound like Image by Andy Kay

What does a National Park sound like

We are supporting the creation of a UK National Parks Soundmap, a partnership with the UK Acoustics Network.

It’s a project that aims to understand how sounds affect our lives, our health and our sense of wellbeing.

The UK National Parks Soundmap brings together an eclectic and immersive collection of sounds that captures the essence of National Parks – from quirky local traditions to the soundtrack of nature.

What does a National Park sound like?

How can you get involved?

Visit the UK National Parks Soundmap Project website to find out more about the National Park sound mapping project, and if you’re up for getting involved, then here’s how.

We would like you to make short recordings (no more than 30 seconds) of the emblematic sound(s) of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The sound should mean something to you. It could be a sound that makes you feel positive (e.g., a curlew, spring lambs) or perhaps less so (e.g., motorbikes), but it should be one that is representative of the Dales and one for which you can write a little bit of text about how it makes you feel.

If you have access to recording equipment, then please do use that. If not, then grab a mobile device (e.g., smartphone or tablet) and use the voice recording app which comes with it, or download a specialist recording app such as Ferrite. You can also record video footage and upload that as the project team can extract the audio from it.

How do I upload my sounds?

Once you’ve made your recording, note the location where you made it and take a photo.

Then complete the form and upload your sound(s) here.

Many thanks for your help!

View the Sound Map here