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Cloud patterns at Semerwater Mid-june at Semerwater. Haytiming in the fields around the river Bain and cloud patterns over the lake.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park: How did you do?

Monday 4 May, 2020, by Cat Kilner

If you don’t want to know the answers, look away now! You can have a go at the quiz yourself here. Otherwise, read on…

1. What am I? (1 point)

Dales wildlife
Dales wildlife (credit Whitfield Benson)

Answer: A common frog

2. What is the name for this type of feature? (1 point)

Name the parts at A and B (1 point each)

Dales feature (credit YDNPA)

Answer: Limestone pavement

A. Clint
B. Grike

3. Dent is famous for a ‘terrible’ group of people.

A.  Who were they?
B.  Why were they ‘terrible’?
(1 point each)

Traditional crafts (credit Mike Samworth)


A. They were the ‘terrible knitters of Dent
B. They produced a ‘terrible’ amount of knitting (that is, they produced a lot – because they were so quick!)

4. Roe deer young (usually called fawns or kids) are born with spots, but how long do they generally keep them for? (1 point)

A. 2-3 weeks
B. 8-10 weeks
C. 4-6 months

Roe deer fawn (credit Roger Gaynor)

Answer: B. 8-10 weeks

After that they develop their grey-ish winter coat.

5. Which of these is NOT an alternative name for a curlew? (1 point)

A. Whaup
B. Spowe
C. Mengelvinick
D. Thick knee

Curlew perched on a drystone wall (credit Whitfield Benson)

Answer: D. Thick knee is actually an alternative name for a stone-curlew. Not a true curlew, it is from a different family (Burhinidae).

6. How many kilometres of public footpath are there in the Yorkshire Dales National Park? (1 point)

A.  2,147
B.  2,435
C.  2,628

Dales finger post (credit YDNPA)

Answer: C. 2,628km of footpath – this does not include bridleways and other public rights of way

7. The Yorkshire Dales is known for its sheep farming (that’s why our logo is a ram’s head), but which of the following is it correct to say? (1 point)

A. The herd of sheep was in the field
B. The herd of sheep were in the field

Answer: Neither. A group of sheep is called a flock, not a herd!

8. Which of these birds calls a “t’wit t’woo”? (1 point)

A.  Barn owl
B.  Little owl
C.  Tawny owl

What is the secret of its call? (1 point)

Answer: C. Tawny owl

The call is actually made by two birds, The female calls “t’wit” (or more acurately a “ke-wick” sound) and the male replies “t’woo” (or hoo hoo hoo).

The t’woo call can often be heard just on its own as this is also the male’s territorial call.

9. Name the breed of sheep (1 point)

Farming in the Dales (credit Whitfield Benson)

Answer: Dalesbred

10. Can you name the town or village in each anagram? They are all in the National Park. (1 point each)

A. alpha mc
B. deer flit shh
C. not ring
D. he was
E. begin wing


A. Clapham
B. Threshfield
C. Grinton
D. Hawes
E. Newbiggin

So, are you pleasantly surprised at how well you did, or did you know you had it in the bag?

Well done, we hope you enjoyed the quiz and learning more about the Yorkshire Dales.

1-5 Nice try! There were some tricky questions in there!

6-10 Good job – well on your way to being a Yorkshire Dales expert.

11-17 Awesome! You really know your stuff.

18? Wow – we have an expert here – when can we sign you up!?

This is just to play for fun at home among friends and family so please don’t post your answers up so that everyone can have a go! Look out for our next quiz coming soon…

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