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Orton Valley, Cumbria Credit Paul Harris

The Yorkshire Dales National Park: How did you do?

Monday 11 May, 2020, by Cat Kilner

If you don’t want to know the answers, look away now! You can have a go at the quiz yourself here. Otherwise, read on…

1. Can you identify the pink-flowered plant? (1 point)

Answer: Birds-eye primrose or Primula farinosa

The birds-eye primrose species has pink or lilac flowers and dusty looking leaves. Within the UK, it is found almost exclusively on damp grassy, stony or peaty ground on limestone in the northern Pennines and the Lake District. As a result, the plant is often known as the ‘Yorkshire primrose’. In the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the bird’s-eye primrose can be seen flowering in May and June in the south of the area.

2. ‘Barm’ is a substance that would have been found at most farms, but what would you have used it for? (1 point)

A. Greasing your tractor
B. Baking bread
C. Doing your washing

Answer: B. Baking bread

Barm is yeast, but it is traditional yeast that was scooped off the top of fermenting ale. The process still survives in barm cakes – they are yeasted bread rolls. The unpredictability of the yeast gave us the word ‘barmy’.

3. Can you identify the butterflies? (1 point each)

Which of these butterflies does NOT use stinging nettles as food for its caterpillars? (1 point)


A. Peacock
B. Small tortoiseshell
C. Green veined white

The green veined white doesn’t use nettles for its young.

4. What am I? (1 point)

Dales wildlife (credit Cat Kilner)

Answer: A pill millipede

They are between 7mm and 20mm long and can curl up into a pea-like ball if they feel threatened.

The pill millipede plays an important part in breaking down leaf litter and is most likely to be found in the hedge bottom or in the debris at the bottom of an old wall.

5.  In the Yorkshire Dales, what is a ‘North of England Mule’? (1 point)

Answer: A mule is a cross-bred sheep produced from a Swaledale ewe and a Bluefaced Leicester tup (or ram). It is occasionally produced from a Northumberland type Blackface ewe.

Mules are hardy, like their mothers, but their fathers bring other characteristics, such as large size with lean meat and quick to grow. Generally they are easy to lamb and good mothers.

6. What am I? (1 point)

An image of a wooden stamp with a floral pattern on the underside
Dales feature (credit YDNPA)

Answer: It is a butter marker, used to add a design onto a pat of butter.

Dales Countryside Museum shares the stories of the people and places of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. You can find out more on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

7. Where would you find the ‘burning of the Bartle’? (1 point)

Answer: West Witton

Burning the Bartle is a tradition that is carried out on the Saturday closest to 24 August each year. The Bartle is a life-sized effigy which is carried through the village before being burned. There are several theories as to who Bartle might have been and why he deserved this treatment! The name Bartle probably comes from St Bartholomew, but it is likely that he has replaced a much older pagan tradition.

8. Most of the dales within the National Park are named after their rivers, but can you name the dales that each of these rivers flows through? (1 point each)

A. Aire
B. Bain
C. Dee
D. Skirfare
E. Ure


A. Malhamdale
B. Raydale
C. Dentdale
D. Littondale
E. Wensleydale

9. Name the village in the photo. (1 point)

Dales village (credit Bluesky International Ltd)

Answer: Orton

10. Can you work out the locations in each of the cryptic clues? They are all in the National Park. (1 point each)

A. Long bench
B. Pebbles for children
C. Place for large corvids to rest
D. Orchard plant close by a candle
E. Plenty in the Farmers Arms


A. Settle
B. Kidstones
C. Ravenseat
D. Appletreewick
E. Booze

So, are you pleasantly surprised at how well you did, or did you know you had it in the bag?

Well done, we hope you enjoyed the quiz and learning more about the Yorkshire Dales.

1-6 Nice try! There were some tricky questions in there!

7-13 Good job – well on your way to being a Yorkshire Dales expert.

14-20 Awesome! You really know your stuff.

21? Wow – we have an expert here – when can we sign you up!?

This is just to play for fun at home among friends and family so please don’t post your answers up so that everyone can have a go! Look out for our next quiz coming soon…

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