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Feizor: along the Dales high way Copyright Paul Harris

The Yorkshire Dales National Park: How well do you know it?

Thursday 18 June, 2020, by Cat Kilner

1. How many people live in the Yorkshire Dales National Park? (1 point)

A. 20,182
B. 23,637
C. 28,351

2. If you were to put on your ‘kitle’, what item of clothing would you be wearing? (1 point)

A. An overall or coat
B. A waistcoat or gilet
C. An apron or pinny

3. Can you name the feature? (1 point)

What was it for? (1 point)

Credit: Frances Bland

4. Which dale contained ‘Bungalow Town? (1 point)

A. Ribblesdale
B. Wharfedale
C. Wensleydale

5. Can you name the sad-sounding purple flower in the photograph? (1 point)

Where would you usually find it growing? (1 point)

Credit: YDNPA

6. Which cavern in the Dales is reputably big enough to accommodate York Minster? (1 point)

7. Can you name the reptile? (1 point)

Credit: Whitfield Benson

8. There are many different words for ‘waterfall’. Can you put the correct adjective with these waterfalls? (1 point each) For example: Linton Falls

A. Hardraw *****
B. Aysgarth *****
C. Cautley *****
D. Janet’s ****
E. Mill Scar ****

9. Can you name the area of limestone pavement in the photograph? (1 point)

Credit: Blue Sky International

10. Can you name the town or village in each anagram? They are all in the National Park. (1 point each)

A. Glint one
B. Yeast grab
C. Fins throat
D. Ants rob tot
E. Macho rev

So you have completed the quiz. There are a possible 20 points up for grabs. How do you think you did?

This is just to play for fun at home among friends and family – please don’t post your answers up so that everyone can have a go! But we’d like to hear how you scored.

We’ll be revealing the answers next week!

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Cat Kilner

Cat is the Authority's Learning & Engagement Officer

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