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Patchwork of fields around the village of Muker in Swaledale

The Yorkshire Dales National Park: How well do you know it?

Thursday 28 May, 2020, by Cat Kilner

1. Can you give the common name of the flower in the picture? (1 point)

An image of a dark magenta flower that has multiple flowers coming off one stem
(Credit: YDNPA)

2. Which of the following is NOT an alternative name for the plant in question 1? (1 point)

A. Goosey ganders
B. Adder’s meat
C. Adam and Eve
D. Kite’s legs

3. Can you identify these water bodies? (1 point each)

Which is the odd one out? (1 point)

4. We have many volunteers helping us to do a huge variety of tasks throughout the National Park.

In the financial year 2018/2019, how many days’ work did they contribute? (1 point)

A. 4,693
B. 5,326
C. 6,785
D. 8,354

5. What am I? Can you identify the object in the photograph? (1 point)

An image of a big stone slab with five notches carved into it.
Credit: Frances Bland

6. Which site in the Yorkshire Dales is said to have inspired the novel ‘The Water Babies’ by Charles Kingsley? (1 point)

A. Malham Tarn
B. The Strid
C. Semerwater

7. Can you name the large woodland on the right-hand side of the photograph? (1 point)

An aerial image of a forest located next to a river, a big quarry, and a town. Found in Wharefdale
(Credit: Bluesky International Ltd)

8. If you were to use a ‘stiddy’, what might you be doing? (1 point)

A. Making a horseshoe
B. Washing clothes
C. Carving wood
D. Making sweets

9. What am I? Can you identify the animal in the photograph? (1 point)

A close up image of a small, quilled animal
(Credit: YDNPA)

10. Can you work out the location in each of the cryptic clues? They are all in the National Park. (1 point each)

A. High place to get bronzed
B. Reynard isn’t down
C. Everything gone up in flames
D. Find value of large corvid
E. Result of walking through nettles in shorts

So you have completed the quiz. There are a possible 17 points up for grabs. How do you think you did?

This is just to play for fun at home among friends and family – please don’t post your answers up so that everyone can have a go! But we’d like to hear how you scored.

We’ll be revealing the answers next week!

Picture of Cat Kilner

Cat Kilner

Cat is the Authority's Learning & Engagement Officer

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