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Field of cows in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales National Park: How well do you know it?

Thursday 14 May, 2020, by Cat Kilner

1. What am I? (1 point)

What is my connection to the Yorkshire Dales? (1 point)

An image of a black bird with a long, thin and orange beak
(Credit: Whitfield Benson)

2. ‘Backcans’ would have been found on most farms, but what were they used for? (1 point)

A. Carrying milk
B. Storing oil
C. Transporting beer

3. When I grow up, I am going to be… Can you name the adult form of this creature? (1 point)

An image of a dark brown caterpillar with dots on its head that resemble eyes
(Credit: Cat Kilner)

4. Can you name the collective nouns for these animals? (1 point each)
As an example you could say ‘a conspiracy of ravens’.

A. Curlew
B. Hedgehog
C. Skylark
D. Bats, when in flight
E. Butterflies

5. Can you identify the butterflies? (1 point each)

6. We have groups of Young Rangers who come out to the National Park to do practical conservation tasks.

a. How many different groups of Young Rangers are there helping in the Yorkshire Dales National Park? (1 point)

b. Which of the following tasks have they not helped with so far? (1 point)

A. Bog restoration
B. Drystone walling
C. Coppicing
D. Litter picking
E. Tree planting

7. Name the location in the photograph. (1 point)

An aerial image of a well known set of waterfalls on the River Ure
(Credit: Bluesky International Ltd)

8. Which route links the two places in each question? (1 point each)

A. The Irish Sea and Ribblehead
B. Bolton Abbey and Sedbergh
C. Gargrave and Tan Hill
D. Settle and Kirkby Stephen
E. Skipton and Ingleborough

9. Can you name the yellow flower in the picture? (1 point)

What sort of habitat would you be likely to find it growing in? (1 point)

An image of a yellow globe flower
(Credit: YDNPA)

10. Can you name the town or village in each anagram? They are all in the National Park. (1 point each)

A. Elke it welt
B. There
C. Abbi ringed
D. It rona
E. Acne trots

So you have completed the quiz. There are a possible 27 points up for grabs. How do you think you did?

This is just to play for fun at home among friends and family – please don’t post your answers up so that everyone can have a go! But we’d like to hear how you scored.

We’ll be revealing the answers next week!

Picture of Cat Kilner

Cat Kilner

Cat is the Authority's Learning & Engagement Officer

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