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Buzzard © Whitfield Benson YDNPA Common buzzard in flight

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Strongly Condemn Recent Shootings of Birds of Prey

Thursday 11 March, 2021, by News Release

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority are shocked, but sadly not surprised, by footage recently released by the RSPB investigations team of two buzzards being lured to their deaths on a North Yorkshire grouse moor. 

Neil Heseltine, Chair of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority said:

”This shows a callous disregard for the law and birds of prey that is all too familiar from some within the community. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority condemns raptor persecution in the strongest possible terms and continues to work closely with partners and others to stamp out this crime once and for all.

“This incident, and the continuing issue of bird of prey persecution in the County demands maximum exposure. People need to know what is happening here and the devastating impact this is having on our protected species.

“ALL birds of prey are protected by law and killing them is a criminal offence. If this activity continues it is difficult to see how the Government in England will not be forced to examine other ways in which to prevent this criminality. Certainly the actions of the individual involved in this case can only be assisting those who wish to see the end of driven grouse shooting. For that reason, if no other, you would hope someone in the community might expose their obnoxious criminal activity.

“Finally, I would encourage anyone, local or visitor, who witnesses any suspicious activity while they’re out and about in the countryside, or anyone who is made aware of it through their networks, to contact the Police”.

For concerns about a possible wildlife crime, you should call 101. If you witness a suspected wildlife crime in action, call 999 immediately and ask for the Police. Finally, you can speak in confidence about raptor persecution directly with the RSPB on 0300 9990101

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Management Plan objective C5 on illegal persecution of raptors can be viewed here

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News Release

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


3 Replies to “Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Strongly Condemn Recent Shootings of Birds of Prey”

  1. Brian says:

    Which part of the Yorkshire Dales did this occur in?

  2. steve carr says:

    Well there aren’t too many options!

    It’s outrageous and condoned by the landowners who employ the gamekeepers.

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