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Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Reaction To Latest RSPB Birdcrime Report

Wednesday 27 October, 2021, by Mark Sadler

Commenting on the RSPB Birdcrime Report 2020, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Chief Executive David Butterworth said:

“This report makes grim reading for all landscape authorities, landowners, managers and other partners who are working hard to call out and tackle illegal raptor persecution, and it’s embarrassing and humiliating to see North Yorkshire yet again topping the league table with the highest number of confirmed incidents.

“As we’ve said before, the continuing issue of bird of prey persecution in North Yorkshire demands maximum exposure, as do the activities of those who take part in this criminality. People need to know what is happening here and the devastating impact this is having on our protected species. This report lays that bare.

”The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority condemns raptor persecution in the strongest possible terms and, as highlighted in this report, we will continue to work closely with partners and others to stamp out this crime once and for all.

“I would appeal to anyone, local or visitor, who witnesses any suspicious activity while they’re out and about in the countryside, or anyone who is made aware of it through their networks, to contact the Police”.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan objective C5 on illegal persecution of raptors can be viewed here.

For concerns about a possible wildlife crime, you should call 101. If you witness a suspected wildlife crime in action, call 999 immediately and ask for the Police. Finally, you can speak in confidence about raptor persecution directly with the RSPB on 0300 9990101

Picture of Mark Sadler

Mark Sadler

Mark is the Communications Manager with the YDNPA.


2 Replies to “Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Reaction To Latest RSPB Birdcrime Report”

  1. Robert Simms says:

    Perhaps the YDNPA would be better off concentrating on those who can make a difference ie politicians and the like. The Bransdale incident is a case in point where witnesses contacted the appropriate authorities, the crime was proven but the criminals and land owner walk away with not even a blemish on their reputation.

  2. Neil Watson says:

    Raptor persecution has got worse and worse for twenty years and everybody knows who is doing it. It shows up that our so-called National Parks are no such thing at all – as nobody has any powers to put in place any sanctions or restrictions. It is the millionaire landowners who actually own almost 100% of the park, their gamekeepers and – their useful Establishment connections – who are running the show. Calling an area like for example Swaledale a National Park is just a total sham that deliberately misleads visitors into thinking wildlife gets some protection there. National Park = national disgrace imo.

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