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August 27, 2022

Medieval Event – The Spanish Armada

Bolton Castle, Leyburn, DL8 4ET United Kingdom

The year is 1588. The Spanish Armada has been sighted in the channel, and an English fleet has sailed to meet them. Part of the reason for their coming is to avenge the death the previous year of an ex-prisoner of Bolton Castle, Mary Queen of Scots. The castle garrison is on full alert although there is no news of how the battle is going. Have the invaders been defeated, or is a Spanish army already on its way to take the castle? Lacking modern communications, news could take many days to filter through, especially in more remote regions such as Bolton Castle.

Come and train as a soldier so you would be able to defend the castle. Find out about  their daily existence; soldiers needed to be fed, wood to be chopped, water drawn and the basic necessities of everyday life in Tudor England be met.


Included in admission price.