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April 7, 2022

Hannah James & Toby Kuhn “Sleeping Spirals” 2022 Spring Tour

Settle Victoria Hall, Kirkgate
Settle, BD24 9DZ

Hannah James (Lady Maisery, Maddy Prior, Sam Sweeney, Seasick Steve and Songs of Separation) is a singer, accordionist and dancer who has made her unique path across the varied landscape of English and European folk music. She been singing, dancing and playing traditional English music for years, she has always embraced the wider cultural influences that inform many of those old songs. Toby Kuhn (Wild Strings Trio, Bipolar Bows and Old Salt) comes from an altogether different background: a French cellist with classical training who has developed a completely unique style indebted to guitar, violin and double bass.

Jointly their music is soulful, original and conversational. They explore throughout their compositions strong links with both the natural world and with folk traditions from across Europe, all the while delving into a rich inner journey. The combination of accordion and cello allows for a wide palette of sounds and textures which lift James’s pure voice and deeply honest songwriting, in the next breath switching to choppy rhythms and joyful interplay between cello and percussive dance. This duo delivers a diverse, playful and incredibly touching performance.