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Volunteers practical tasks Malham Sept 2017 (Stephen Garnett) (48) Trevor Brooks, Dales Volunteer, Drystone Walling

Volunteering in action

Wednesday 5 June, 2019, by Trevor Brooks

I’ve been a Dales Volunteer since 2001 and can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of my volunteering career.

Stile and gate maintenance keeps the National Park safe for people to enjoy, as well as looking its best

I joined the volunteers to “give something back” to an area I have known since the early 1970s. What I wasn’t anticipating was the journey I was about to undertake in terms of the diverse activities I would take part in, the new skills I would learn, and the good friends I would make along the way.

Footpath maintenance is crucial in keeping the Dales accessible for everyone

As well as the usual tasks, such as footpath repairs and parish path surveys, other activities have included assisting the BBC in programme-making (Walking with Cavemen) and helicopter lifts on the Three Peaks. The skills learnt have included drystone walling and leading walks, and numerous other practical skills too many to mention.

There are 8,689km miles of drystone walls in the National Park – and a well built wall can last a century and more

Probably the highlight for me has been meeting and working alongside like-minded people (volunteers and members of staff) who all wish to contribute towards looking after and making the Yorkshire Dales the special place it is. It is great to work with positive people and make a positive contribution.

Why not join our team of friendly volunteers?

For more information on how to become a volunteer and get involved in looking after this special landscape, go to

Picture of Trevor Brooks

Trevor Brooks

Trevor is a member of the Dales Volunteers South Team.


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