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Peregrine falcon facts

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  • Peregrine falcons can reach speeds of 217 miles an hour
  • Special baffles in their nostrils help them breathe at high speed
  • Their nest site is known as an eyrie
  • It takes up to 32 days for a peregrine falcon egg to hatch
  • The average lifespan of a peregrine falcon is 5-6 years

Even more facts

More about peregrines in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

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More about the peregrine species

The best resource for general information on peregrine falcons is the RSPB website.

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Browse through our photo album of peregrine falcons at Malham Cove

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About the peregrines

Discover when peregrines first nested in Malham Cove, how many people have seen them and more

How you can help

Donating, volunteering and acting responsibly can all help the peregrine falcons