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Children’s Arts and Crafts at Dales Countryside Museum Copyright Stephen Garnett

Dark Skies Activities and Quizzes

Can you identify Cassiopeia from Cygnus? We’ve quizzes to test your knowledge, bat box making and a guide to stargaze from home. Gather the family and comet to some space exploration of your own. Click on the links to start your inter-stellar journey! If you are enjoying these dark skies resources, you might just enjoy our Dark Skies Festival.

Make your own ‘Constellation Biscuits’

Humble Pie Cookery Kitchen in Hawes has been very busy and created the most beautiful ‘Constellation Biscuits’.

If you would like to have a go at making these biscuits yourself or with the children this half term, just click on the link below.

Quizzes to test your dark skies knowledge

There are masses of information on space and the night sky, but have you ever wondered what the real truth is? Well, here we identify fact from the fiction… baffle your friends and family with some of these fascinating facts. A link to the answers can be found below.

How is your knowledge on space – is it out of this world or does it need some polishing up? Can you learn more about the vast universe that surrounds us? We have a selection of dark sky questions for under 10s and over 10s. A link to the answers can be found below. 


Time for the big reveal – find out the REAL answers to the facts that had you on the fence or completely stumped!

Time for the answers – how many do you think you got right?

Dark skies crafts

Here we have some fun and crafty ways to bring a little bit of the night sky into your home. So let’s get creative!

Example of the artwork that young people will make as part of the Dark Skies Festival
Dark Skies artwork

Space rock fridge magnets

See if you can find any rocks lying around in your garden, nothing too large, remember you’ll have to carry it back to the house! Then paint the rocks as if they are a part of the night sky, you could even add some glitter, or go that one step further and add a little magnet to the back so you can pin them to your fridge. And there you have it, an out-of-this-world craft!

Night sky wreath

All you need is a paper plate, some glue and all the glitter and colouring crayons you can get. Just cut out the center of the paper plate by folding it in half and cutting out a semi-circle, open it up, and you should have your wreath. Now to get decorating. You could paint it a deep blue and add starry stickers and glitter to make it look like the night sky or turn it into a UFO… let your imagination go wild.

Children’s Activities, Dales Countryside Museum

Colourful planets

So this one could get messy…

What you will need: shaving foam, paint, paper, plate, pencil, scissors, baking tray, scraping device

Step 1. Find the hairiest person in your family and ask to borrow some shaving foam.
Step 2. Spray the foam into a baking tray.
Step 3. Squeeze some blobs of coloured paint onto the foam.
Step 4. Cut out a paper circle using a plate to draw around, then place the paper onto the foam.
Step 5. Lift the paper off the foam and scrape any remaining foam off.
Step 6. Step back and admire your planet zog creation!

Dark skies word search

Print off this page to have a go at our Dark Skies word search. See if you can find as many of the words in the list below that relate to the magical night sky. Good luck!