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Yorkshire Three Peaks Code of Conduct

The Yorkshire Three Peaks is part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park – a very special place.
The Three Peaks has become an increasingly popular location for fundraising events. YOU can help us
keep the area special for everyone to enjoy by following the Yorkshire Three Peaks Code of Conduct:

Parking is Limited

Keep vehicles to a minimum, use local transport to get here or car share where possible.

Please park considerately and do not obstruct passing places, clearways, private roads, tracks, roadside verges, gateways or pavements.

Be Quiet!

Please keep noise to a minimum. Respect the peace of people living and staying in the area.

Keep early morning noise (from both people and vehicles) to an absolute minimum and maintain it until you are away from the village.

Do not use bells or claxons to ‘ring home’ your participants at the end of their challenge.

Leave No Trace


Take it home! Litter places a burden on our small, rural communities and is a blight on the landscape. If you really want to help, pick up any odd bits you see along the way.

Remember, banana skins and orange peel are litter, too – they are unsightly and take years to decompose.


Don’t get caught short! Toilet facilities on the Three Peaks route are limited (the only public toilets are at Horton-in-Ribblesdale).

Do not use the mountains as an outdoor toilet. This has a significant impact on local water supplies and ecology and is unpleasant for other visitors. If you do need to urinate, do so at least 30m from streams and burns.

If you need to defecate, do so as far away as possible from buildings, streams and farm animals. Bury faeces in a shallow hole and replace the turf.

Stay Safe

Be prepared! Make sure you are well prepared in terms of kit and have a good level of fitness.

Make sure you have at least one person in the group who can navigate in difficult conditions. Local mountain rescue teams are all volunteers and should only be called in an emergency.

Give Something Back

Support the local community by using local facilities and services.

Donate to path maintenance. Help us look after this special place by donating a minimum of £1 per walker – visit our donations to the Yorkshire Three Peaks page here.

Enjoy yourself – but please respect those who live and work here. Come back and stay sometime
soon, linger, explore and enjoy the local hospitality, and get to know the place and the people.
Let’s keep the Yorkshire Three Peaks special.

Download a PDF version of this code of conduct here.