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Looking towards Ingleborough part of the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks walk.

Ingleborough temporary path closure

One of the paths used for walking to or from the summit of Ingleborough will temporarily close from now until 25 January 2021 for essential repairs. We are suggesting an alternative way to the summit whilst the work is carried out. We are hoping that the work will be carried out earlier, possibly by the end of October. We have put together further information and frequently asked questions for you here.

Please don’t ignore the route closure, it’s important for the safety of our contractors working on site.

You can read the press release here which details more information about the project.

An alternative way to the summit across open access land is suggested for use during the duration of the path closure – the route is shown in the map below.

Alternative footpath for the Three Peaks walk. This is a map.
Map showing section of High Lot path to be closed and alternative route © Crown copyright and database rights 2020 Ordnance Survey 100023740

Frequently asked questions

Which route is closed?
The closed path is the upper section of the route to (or from) the summit of Ingleborough from Chapel le Dale, known locally as High Lot. Refer to map.

Is an alternative route available?
Yes an alternative route is available on open access land. Refer to map.

Is the alternative route waymarked?
Yes it will be well signposted.

Why is the closure necessary?
High footfall, heavy rainfall and the steep terrain have caused the existing stone pitched path, installed in the late 1980s, to slip. The closure is necessary to allow for essential repair work to be carried out and prevent further erosion.

How much further is the alternative route?
The alternative route is approximately 400m (¼ mile) longer.

How much longer will it take to walk the alternative route?
The alternative route is longer and follows open access land, not an engineered public footpath. Due to the additional length and more difficult terrain the alternative route will therefore take longer to walk. How long it takes will depend on individual fitness – but an estimate of an extra 15-45 minutes is advised.

Why is it important to follow the alternative route?
Using the alternative route ensures that the contractors can work safely and complete the project as quickly as possible.

How long will the route be closed for?
The route will be closed for a maximum of 6 months, though it is hoped that works will be completed by the end of October. As soon as the work is complete the route will be reopened.

How can you help?
The Yorkshire Three Peaks are very fragile environments and the public rights of way network is under pressure from the thousands of visitors that come to enjoy it each year.

You can help us look after this special place by donating to our Three Peaks Project.