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Fisherman’s Bridge This bridge near Sedbergh was washed away by flooding, but replaced in 2017

Access restrictions

Temporary closures

There are occasions when a public right of way may need to be temporarily closed for a period, for example to allow restoration works, or for reasons of public safety. These temporary closures are advertised in the local press covering the area of the closure and also on site. The period of closure and the alternative routes which are currently in force are indicated on the site notices and maps.

Current temporary closures


    Fire risk on open access land

    In long periods of dry weather conditions on the moors and the risk of fire can become a concern.  Fire risk warning notices are put up around the National Park on areas of high risk.  Please take particular care when using access land, and in particular avoid lighting fires or barbeques and do not discard cigarettes or matches. Moorland fires can spread very quickly and can be devastating to the landscape and its wildlife.

    Weather conditions are constantly monitored by the Met Office and when the Fire Severity Index reaches ‘Exceptional’, its highest rating, it automatically triggers closures of Open Access Land. More information about the Fire Severity Index is available on the Natural England website .

    If access land is closed due to fire risk, it means that walkers are asked only to use public rights of way (footpaths, bridleways and byways) and are not able to leave these routes and enjoy the access areas.

    Access Land is divided up into land parcels and, as weather conditions can sometimes be very localised, not all Access Land may be closed at the same time. These restrictions may be enforced at short notice, so please check before you walk on the mapping provided by Natural England.

    If you come across a fire while you are out and about, please dial 999 immediately and inform the fire service.

    Emergency closures

    When public rights of way are found to be in a condition which is dangerous for the public, an emergency closure may be put into operation immediately on that section of route for a maximum of 21 days either to enable it to be put back into repair, or to make a temporary closure for a longer period. These closures are advertised on site. The period of closure and the alternative routes which are currently in force are indicated on the site notices and maps which can be accessed by following the links below.

    Open Access land restrictions

    For restrictions or closures of open access land, please take a look at Natural England’s mapping page. Please note:

    Barden Moor and Barden Fell open access areas – Grouse shooting will take place on Barden Moor and Barden Fell from 12th August to 14th December. These areas will not be closed when shooting takes place, and therefore visitors are very welcome to walk there.

    Permanent traffic regulation orders

    There are a number of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) that are currently in place for the Yorkshire Dales National Park to restrict the use of recreational motor vehicles on ‘green lanes’.