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Yordas Cave

Yordas Cave can be found at the top end of the valley of Kingsdale, hidden in a small plantation just of the west side of the Thornton to Dent road below the summit of Gragareth and is a former Victorian show cave.

Some say the cave was named after a Nordic giant while others say the name is derived from the Norse ‘Jord ass’ which means ‘earth stream’.

Kingsdale was carved out by a glacier leaving steep sides of limestone. There are many caves in the valley often starting high of the fellsides and leading to a master cave at valley level. 

The entrance to Yordas cave consists of a stone archway with steps leading directly to the main chamber. This main chamber has a stream running through it and is approximately 50 metres wide, 15 metres deep and 15 metres high. There are three small passages leaving this hall to the right and to the left. There is also a smaller chamber called the Chapter House that contains a superb waterfall.

Yordas Cave is on private land, Braida Garth Farm, so although permission is not required please visit the cave respectfully and responsibly. The Council of Northern Caving Clubs website contains information on how to access the cave.