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Ingleborough Show Cave – Credit to Ingleborough Estate

Show caves

One of the really special things about the Yorkshire Dales is the stunning limestone scenery – the cliffs, dry valleys and areas of pavement are all easily seen. But much of the most stunning limestone features take a bit more work to visit as they are underground. The National Park is England’s premier caving area with the longest cave system in the country – the Three Counties system – 90km long and still growing. There is also the well known chamber of Gaping Gill and some of the best known through trips in the country.

You can get a flavour of what is under your feet by visiting one of our three show caves. White Scar is the longest show cave in Britain and is just outside Ingleton on the road to Hawes. For Ingleborough Cave you park in Clapham and walk along a delightful nature trail past a lake and woods to reach the cave entrance. The final show cave is Stump Cross Caverns high on the moors between Grassington and Patelely Bridge.

Which ever one you visit you will get a unique view of the Dales. Worth remembering is that the caves stay the same temperature year round – so will feel cool on a hot summer’s day and warm in the middle of winter. If a show cave has made you want to explore more, then there is always the Gaping Gill winch meet which happens in May and August, or you can hire a cave leader to go on a more adventurous trip.