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Staying Safe This Weekend

Friday 15 May, 2020, by Mark Sadler

Ahead of the first weekend under new Government travel and exercise guidance, our message to visitors and residents is for continued social distancing and respect.

David Butterworth, Chief Executive of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority said:

“Everyone should be observing the Government’s social distancing guidelines. Stay at home if you’re unwell or self-isolating. Maintain social distancing of at least two metres from anyone outside your household. And wash your hands regularly.

“Prospective visitors should be aware that the Yorkshire Dales experience they may have been used to will not be the same. Most local businesses remain closed, including cafés, restaurants, pubs, and many local shops. Visitors will need to be self-sufficient when they visit the National Park.

“National Park Authority car parks and toilets will be open, but, if car parks are full, we would ask people not to park in villages or on verges in order to keep local communities safe. And remember that you can’t stay overnight. Car parking will be free to NHS staff and social carers. Finally, I would invite everyone to:

Respect the Land – Exercise within your limitations to keep pressure off local resources, and know the countryside code (you can download it here). Take care to respect the plant and wildlife which has thrived during lockdown. 

Respect the Community – We recognise that many in the local community are amongst some of the most vulnerable groups of people. Many still need to self-isolate. While walking, please keep a safe distance from homes, schools, and farms.

Respect each Other – Stay two metres apart, keep within your family/household groups, and avoid gathering in Dales towns and villages where many of the shops and services remain closed. Finally, be kind and respect one another – whether visitor or local. 

The National Park Authority ranger service will continue to support North Yorkshire and Cumbria Police across the National Park this weekend to help keep everyone safe.   

Picture of Mark Sadler

Mark Sadler

Mark is the Communications Manager with the YDNPA.


6 Replies to “Staying Safe This Weekend”

  1. Paul Brunsdon says:

    I am an Architect/Facilities Officer with Eden District Council in Cumbria and I note that you are shortly reopening many of your car parks and public toilets.
    We are similarly giving consideration to reopening these facilities in our District so would be interested in what measures you are taking to do this in a safe and controlled manner, both initially and operationally going forward.
    I appreciate that you will be under resource pressures but any feedback would be most appreciated.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Thank you, Mark, I appreciate that you are all working under very difficult conditions, trying to balance the needs of locals, the countryside and visitors alike.

    You’ve all done a fantastic job interpreting the guidance in a very short timeframe and then taking steps to open up to and communicate with visitors in a clear, welcoming yet practical manner. Many other authorities could take a leaf out of your book!

    This messaging is perfect and I hope everyone abides by your guidance this weekend. I hope to come up in a couple of weeks myself to enjoy the open spaces in a responsible manner, too!

  3. Jayanthi says:


    We are planning to travel from Essex to Yokshire for a 3 night stay in a self-catering accommodation in the 1st week of August.

    I could not find any covid-19 updates in this website on tourism guidance for summer holiday travel/bookings/attractions.

    Could you please advise if it is okay to start planning/booking a trip .

    Many Thanks,

    • Comms Team says:

      Hello Jayanthi
      Thanks for contacting us. The Yorkshire Dales businesses are opening as the lockdown eases but I’ll come back to you with a more comprehensive reply shortly. Wendy

    • Wendy McDonnell says:

      Hello Jayanthi
      We’ve published more information here

      In line with Government guidance businesses are opening and they are taking bookings. Based on this guidance and situation as it currently stands, you can certainly start to put plans in place for your visit. You’ll be able to find all the information to help you do that on this website. We’d suggest that you call ahead and make sure that all the things you want to do and places you’d like to stay are open and carrying out safety measures to the standards you require. We look forward to welcoming you. Wendy

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